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Federaţia Română de Patinaj transmite sincere condoleanţe familiei domnului Nicolae Bellu, fost mare arbitru internaţional şi vicepreşedinte al acestui for, care a murit la vârsta de 65 de ani.

Suntem alături de familia îndurerată, care trece prin momente foarte grele acum. Lumea patinajului nu va uita niciodată contribuţia lui Nicolae Bellu la dezvoltarea acestui sport. Condoleanţe familiei şi apropiaţilor dumnealui.

Dumnezeu să-l ierte şi să-l odihnească în pace!

Adrian Ciobanu, preşedintele Federaţiei Române de Patinaj

Rezultatele concursului Crystal Skate pot fi descarcate de aici.

Dear Friends,
We send you attached the Announcement/Invitation for the training 
camp the ROMANIAN SKATING FEDERATION will organize in Brasov,
between August 18th to September 6th, 2012.
With best regards, PRESIDENT, Prof. Adrian CIOBANU
Cover Page
in Short Track Speed Skating
Brasov - Romania
“OLIMPIC” Ice Rink
March 16 - 18, 2012

The Romanian Skating Federation has the honour to invite you to 2012 JUNIOR EUROPA CUP Final in Short Track Speed Skating - organized under the auspices of the International Skating Union - to be held in Brasov - Romania,”OLIMPIC” Ice Rink, March 16 - 18, 2012.

Conditions of contest
The competition will be held in accordance with the 2010 ISU Regulations and relevant ISU Communications. The qualifying schedule for each distance is based on the “All Finals” system for each individual category.

Junior A Ladies and Men from 01-07-1992 to 30-06-1994
Junior B Ladies and Men from 01-07-1994 to 30-06-1996
Junior C Ladies and Men from 01-07-1996 to 30-06-1998
Novice A Ladies and Men from 01-07-1998 to 30-06-2001

Individual Ladies / Men:

Junior A 1500 m 500 m 1000 m
Junior B 1500 m 500 m 1000 m
Junior C 1500 m 500 m 1000 m
Novice A 1000 m 500 m 777 m

Relay Ladies / Men:

Junior A-B-C 3000 m (4 skaters)


Individual entries
From both the Danubia and StarClass series the eight (8) best skaters in each category qualify individually for participation in the Danubia-StarClass Junior Final. Only the named skater can qualify for the FINAL, through the relevant series in their home region, as designated by the Coordinator of both series. If he/she is not able to participate in the FINAL then the next skater in the classification will qualify. However, there is a restriction to a maximum of three (3) skaters per category per ISU Member.

Relay entries Each ISU Member has the right to enter one team of 4 or 5 competitors from the categories Junior A-B-C. Team members must be qualified for and participate in the individual competition.

The Coordinators of the Danubia and the StarClass Series will notify the respective ISU Members about the qualification of their skaters. The Coordinators from both Regions will inform the OC by sending the Final Qualification Ranking right after the competitions below

from Danubia Region: CZECH Open (CZE) 9 - 11 March 2012,
from StarClass Region: FRIESLAND Cup (NED) 24 - 26 February 2012.

Announcements and letter of invitation will be sending to National Federation having qualified skaters by the Organising Committee.

Deadline for entries via e-mail: 12 March 2012 and (Post entries will not be accepted).

Entry Fee

An entry fee of € 15 - per skaters has to be paid in cash at the check-in.

Doping Control

Doping tests may be made in accordance with ISU Rule 139 and relevant ISU Communications.


The track is an artificial refrigerated indoor ice surface with the measures of 30 by 60 meters, protected by board-less padding system. The standard lap has a distance of 111,12 meters with a curve radius of 8,50 meters. There will be 7 markers used to establish the curve. The length of the straight line is 28,85 m. The whole original track can be moved in two directions by adjusting the curve markers to preserve good ice conditions at every race. One finish line will be used for all races.


Prizes will be presented for the first, second and the third placed skaters in the overall classification for each individual category and for the relay events.

Medical assistance

An emergency car and paramedical staff will be present at each competition day.

Medical insurance

Each athlete is responsible to ensure its own medical and accident insurance. A proof of insurance may be requested by the organizing committee. For further information see Rule 119.


In accordance with Rule 119, the organization committee is not responsible and liable for any medical or personal injury, property loss or sustained damage.

Preliminary General Program

Thursday, March 15, 2012
14:00 - 18:00 Official training
20:00 Official draw
Friday, March 16, 2012
08:00 Warming Up
09:00 Competition
Saturday, March 17, 2012
08:00 Warming Up
09:00 Competition
Sunday, March 18, 2012
08:00 Warming Up
09:00 Competition
16:00 Awarding Ceremony

The program above is subject to change by the Organizing Committee
Board and Lodging

The Organizing Committee will cover the cost of meals and accommodation (3 nights and meals from Thursday dinner till Sunday lunch) of all skaters who have qualified and participate, and for one team leader per ISU Member. Accommodation is based on 2-person-rooms. The exact number of necessary places must be confirmed by signature in writing to the Organizing Committee by fax or scanned letter sent by e-mail.

Official Hotel for athlets,coaches and team leaders

Calea Bucuresti,nr.13,Sacele,Brasov

Official hotel for V.I.P. , refrees,judges and team officials

Blv. Eroilor, nr. 27-29, Brasov

Extra hotel accommodation

Hotel-accommodation for extra accompanying officials and for early or post staying can be booked through the Organizing Committee and must be settled by them at OC Office. Please inform the OC about your wishes when making the entry.

Single Room 85 EUR. - with full-board
Double Room 60 EUR/pers.- with full-board

Single Room 95 EUR. - with full board
Double Room 75 EUR/pers.- with full board
NOTE : Lunch will be served at the ice rink catering style

Payment only in cash (Euro) or by credit card can be accepted. In this case: 5% of total amount will be added as the commission charge if using credit card to settle your payment.


For Teams not having own means of transportation the Organizing Committee will provide transportation between the Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport or Brasov Railway Stations and the Official Hotel free of charge. Please inform the OC about your travel itinerary when making the entry.

General information

All information regarding the Junior EUROPA CUP FINAL will be published on the website of the Organizing Committee: and on the

Organizing Committee

attn: Mr. CIOBANU, Adrian George
Bld. Basarabia, No.35
TEL.\ FAX: +40 -21-324 49 75.

Bucharest, February 14, 2012